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What is Responsive Web Design and Why is it Important?

The term website indicates the internet era where we need to be on the internet by building websites for our companies to stay connected with our audiences. Website works like a bridge or maintaining connection between you and your audiences and increases the sales, targeted audience, lead generation, profitability, Volume of sales, Goodwill and much more things actually list will never end. Once you build a website for your business don’t expect that audience will open up a laptop or you specially and search about your page or website. Most of the traffic generated from mobile phones why? And how? Because this is the only device which users mostly use to do any type of research because of its portability also. As per the recent research the number of traffic generation through mobile phones increases by 16% all over the worldwide traffic.

Now, in this tough competition if you are looking for a survival then go for responsive website designs.

What does it mean by the term “Responsive Designs?”

Usually, web developers build websites for mobile devices and for desktop which took so much time and effort but with the change of time now developers use their standard codes and build a website which gives its response to any type of devices which means now there is now need to do coding again for different devices.

It makes the website flexible for all devices however, it changes the layout, presentations, orientation differences may occur but it will work as it is on all the devices. Ethan Marcotte founded this idea when he designed a website for his client and they requested him to make another one for iPhone. At that time the term web responsive designs was generated. As it saves the efforts of web designers also. 

Purpose of launching Responsive Designs – People are using it in wide numbers because there are so many industries such as – educational, e-commerce related, IT sectors etc. They build up a responsive website which helps them to reach many customers. As per the recent reports mobile users are behind the success of responsive websites because there are so many numbers of mobile users available who visit the same website on their devices even thrice in a day.

It is also beneficial for businesses as it saves the maintenance cost because now, they need to maintain only one website instead of two or three and moreover, it works at a good speed while loading content on the mobile phones which shows the positive sign of your company. One more plus point for using responsive websites is the Google indexing system for ranking of websites. Google bot always uses the mobile version first for showing the search engine results.

How does it work? It’s a responsive design which simply changes its format, shape of content with image sizes. These designs help to collect the data from site visitors and make changes as per the user requirement. The use of CSS which suits the user's environment.

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