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What are the features and benefits of Appdid Mart ?

Now that digitalization is advancing, many people think that they want to launch an online store and a physical store and that they want to start a business in an online store from now on.

However, online stores have some disadvantages, so if you start it easily, your profits may decrease. Therefore, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages before making a solid plan.

An online store is a website and App where you can buy and sell products. For example, Amazon is a world-famous online store where you can buy all kinds of products such as food, clothes, and home appliances, and personal sites that sell your own products are also online stores.

In addition, there are multiple names, such as "EC site" and "online shop," but they all have the same meaning. Now that the Internet is widespread, the number of people who run online shops is increasing, not only for companies but also for individuals. According to a survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, the EC market has expanded about 2.5 times between 2010 and 2019, and online stores have become very familiar to us.

This time, I will explain what are the features and benefits of Appdid Mart and how to get started. We will also introduce recommended online store services, so please refer to them.

Benefits of Appdid Mart 

You can expand the sales area.

In a physical store, you can't sell products unless you come to the store, but in the case of an online store, you can sell products not only in India but all over the world as long as you have an internet environment. Therefore, more people can purchase the product, and we can expect an increase in sales.

In addition, there are two types of online stores, free type and paid type, and if it is a free type, not only the initial cost but also the monthly cost is free.

It will be easier to order and manage sales.

Since the online store can centrally manage various information such as products, customers, and sales, it is possible to carry out operations efficiently. Moreover, since each data is automatically aggregated and accumulated, there is almost no human error due to manual work.

It is also possible to focus on customer analysis and business strategy as much as you can afford to operate.

Easy to manage customer information

Customer information is essential for store campaigns, new product announcements, and pinpoint approaches.

In the case of a physical store, customer information cannot be obtained unless special measures are taken, as the exchange is basically done at the store.

On the other hand, in the case of online stores, customer information can be obtained smoothly because personal information such as name, address, gender, and email address is registered when purchasing products.

Features of Appdid Mart 

Android User App:

We at Appdid make sure to create a hazel-free environment for any product. Customers on our platform can view anything they want by category, details page about the product, including image, name, and description. With the help of our android user application, one can add their favorite product to the wish list. To enable ad to card facility, all you have to do is to follow these three easy steps: 

Add address

Confirm order details

Select the payment option and place the order

Well, after that, one can edit or view order history to track the status of orders regarding dispatch, shipping, and summary. 

Admin Panel 

The admin panel (or simply admin panel) is your main tool for using your online store. Here you can manage products and orders, offer discounts, interact with customers, change the look of your store, and more.

The admin panel is responsive: it adapts to the device's screen size on which you view it. This way, you can manage your store from your mobile device.

With the assistance of the Admin Panel, one can also count: 

The total number of orders, sales, and taxes sums in your store.

Monthly statistics of your store in the form of a diagram.

Brief statistics of the store: the number of products, customers, pages, etc. Click on the number of items to go to the page with the detailed list of these items.

Recent orders made in your store. Switch between the tabs to see orders with particular statuses.

The number of orders with the particular status and total income received by the orders of this type.

It is a one-stop ecommerce solution. It's hard to explain in words how Appdid Mart is a complete ecommerce solution. More suitable for groceries, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, ready meals, raw chicken, fish, herbs, books, electronics, clothing, products, cosmetics, toys, stationery, etc.

Delivery Boy App 

The delivery mobile software developed by the app can create a comprehensive information management platform and assist the platform management method to efficiently solve the content of the order management system, employee management, and delivery database management.

With the help of Appdid delivery boy app, one can order items, and customer shipping addresses can also be seen in this app. Delivery boy can also update the delivery status from out for delivery to Delivered.

If you're a small business doing brick and mortar, my advice is to take a step back and remember the core functionality of a mobile device—the mobile phone. Giving customers the ability to contact you by phone while interacting with your mobile app can go a long way in providing top-notch customer service.