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The Beginner's Guide to Website Development

In recent years, the Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life, and the Web industry is expected to continue to grow.

The current situation is that the number of companies focusing on Web development is increasing daily. However, there are many different types of web development.

Not many people have a solid understanding of what the deal is.

This time, we will introduce what kind of projects exist in WEB development, points to note about Web development projects, and points to make them successful.

In the first place, web development is the work of programming web applications, developing web systems, and developing web software. The types of projects can be broadly classified into the following.

  • BtoB system
  • BtoC system
  • office system
  • CMS site using WordPress

BtoB system

BtoB is an abbreviation for Business to Business and refers to a business model that provides services and products from company to company. Typical BtoB systems in Web development are back-office accounting systems, production management systems, personnel systems, etc., which are called enterprise IT and business systems. In recent years, the matching services of matching companies have been increasing. BtoB systems are often large and complex, so the cost is high. In addition, although B toB systems perform detailed maintenance regularly, we do not review the system daily.

● BtoC system

BtoC is an abbreviation for Business to Consumer and refers to a business model that provides services and products from companies to general consumers. Typical BtoB systems in web development include EC sites and smartphone games. It can be said that it is a Web service that general users use according to their tastes. Since the goal of BtoC systems is to increase sales, it can be said that the system release after delivery will start. It is necessary to brush up every day while watching the user's reaction.

● In-house system

For web development, there are also in-house system production projects. Typical in-house system development is a core system. For example, inventory management and attendance management correspond to this, and it is possible to improve efficiency by introducing a system in various operations.

What programming language is common in web development?

Even if you say Web development in a nutshell, the tendency of projects changes depending on the programming language used. From here, we will introduce the characteristics and project trends of each programming language that is often used in Web development.

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • HTML / CSS
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby

● JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that was born in 1995 and accounted for about 15% of all IT engineer jobs. It is a programming language that is very popular worldwide and is always in demand. To put it simply, it's a programming language that can add movement to your website, such as displaying banner ads or sliding images on your website. The matter using JavaScript is as follows.

Front-end development project

This is a project that is responsible for the development of the front end, which is the part that is directly visible to the user in Web services and Web applications. It is said to be the most common JavaScript project, but it is also said that knowledge of HTML5 and CSS is required.

The mobile application development project

This is a project that is responsible for the development of mobile applications that have been increasing in recent years. The number of companies that are introducing apps is increasing, and a wide range of industries characterizes it.

Game development project

JavaScript is also used in game development. JavaScript and coding knowledge such as HTML5 / CSS are required.

● Java

Java is a programming language developed in the United States in 1990, originally designed for home appliances. However, with the development of the Internet, it has become widely used in the world of the Web. It is the most popular programming language that accounts for about 20% of all IT engineer jobs, and demand is expected to grow further in blockchain services and smartphone payment services in the future. You can do many things with Java, and there is a tendency for many large-scale development projects.

The mobile application development project

This mobile application development project includes the smartphone payment service mentioned earlier. In particular, many Android apps have been developed using Java so far, so it can be said that there are many Android app development projects among those that use Java.

The business system development project

are mainly used.

System development of financial institutions

Java is a highly secure language, so you can develop highly secure systems. Therefore, it is also used in the development of bank systems, credit card systems, and financial institution systems.


  • HTML is an abbreviation for Hypertexts Mark-up Language, and to put it simply, it is a language for laying the foundation for the web pages that you usually see.
  • CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets, which is a style sheet for forming the layout of a page.
  • Web pages can be displayed by writing HTML, but you can freely change the text colour, background color, placement, etc. The cases using HTML and CSS are as follows.

Website production

Since HTML and CSS are used when creating web pages, the main project is to create websites. In recent years, when the Internet has become widespread, companies and individuals who have websites are increasing. Therefore, there is a tendency that there are a large number of projects, such as the production of the entire website, including the design and the coding of the website production.

● Python

Python is a programming language that has abundant libraries for numerical calculation and statistical analysis and is often used in the fields of AI (artificial intelligence) development and data science, which have been increasing in recent years. As AI and data science get more and more attention, the demand for Python for IT engineers is also increasing. The following projects are used outside the AI ​​and data science fields.

Web application development

A web app is a program that runs on the Internet.

There are other languages ​​in which you can create web apps, but many of the web apps created using Python are world-famous, such as "YouTube," "Instagram," and "Spotify." It is one.

● PHP 

PHP is an abbreviation for and as the name suggests, it is a programming language developed to create homepages. It is said that one-third of the world's web pages are made with PHP, which is one of the basics in the web industry. PHP is a language that has evolved with the development of the Internet and is used in various developments on the Web—for example, creating a blog, creating an SNS, creating an EC site, creating a login screen, etc. However, since it is a language specialized in web development, it can be said that it is not suitable for developing smartphone apps and desktop apps. The cases using PHP are as follows.

BtoC Web service-related development projects

Creating an EC site is the development of BtoC Web services. Since PHP has a high development speed, it can be said that it is often used for BtoC Web services that require speedy collection.

CMS site development project using WordPress

Since WordPress is developed in PHP, there is a tendency for many blogs and CMS sites to be developed using WordPress.

● Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language developed by Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is a programming language mainly used in web development and is also used in web applications, blogs, SNS, EC sites, etc. Many websites made with Ruby are also famous, and you can find familiar services such as COOKPAD, Hulu, Gunosy, and Tabelog. The cases using Ruby are as follows.

Web-based development project by Ruby on Rails

Most of the projects that use Ruby are said to be web-based development projects using Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a framework for web development that takes advantage of the feature that it is easy to write using less code in Ruby. One of the merits of Ruby on Rails is that you can minimize the amount of newly created code because it has all the necessary functions for a web system that uses a database. Ruby on a web system made with Java or PHP. There are even cases such as replacing it with Rails.

Points to note when ordering web development

When it comes to web development, it is necessary to consider whether to do it with your own personnel or to place an order from outside. If you don't have your own development staff or don't have enough resources for other operations, many companies will place an order outside.

In that case, I will introduce the points to pay attention to.

● Security measures

First of all, it is important to take security measures such as setting administrator privileges and access rights. One of the things that need special attention in system development is handling confidential information. If there is an information leak, the company will suffer great damage. Make sure to confirm with the system development company about the information management method at the development stage and the security aspect after the operation. If security measures are not good enough, it may lead to big troubles, so selecting a system development company that can take security measures firmly is important.

● Confirmation of support after the delivery

In system development, the system is delivered and not the goal. Since the operation will start from there, it is also a new start. Therefore, it is important to check whether the environment is ready for aftercare, maintenance, and updates after development and delivery.

In recent years, a service called a managed service provider that specializes in system operation and maintenance has appeared, so it is not always necessary to ask the company in charge of development. However, it is a problem for companies that do not have any post-delivery service. 

Considering the utilization and retention support of the developed system, it can be said that it is one of the important points to select a development company that has sufficient support after delivery.

Tips for successful web development project requests

It costs money to request a web development project from outside. You have to succeed because you will spend important expenses for the company. Here are some tips for requesting a web development project from outside and making it successful. 

First of all, when requesting a web development project, you will have fewer mistakes if you firmly set the requirements. The cause of system development failure often is that the ordering party cannot communicate the system specifications to the subcontractor. Basically, many orders cannot tell what kind of system they want to make.

Recognizing the difference between goals and goals is also one of the keys to a successful project. When something happens, it is necessary to confirm the purpose of system construction within the project and then set a new goal. The goals do not change until the end of the project, but the goals are flexible. There are various methods for requesting a project, but it is no exaggeration to say that the success or failure is almost determined when selecting a subcontractor.