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Create Your Online Business Store

Nowadays, a fierce battleground for the E-commerce market, many businesses realize sales improvement and new customer acquisition by making the site an application. This time, we will introduce the "application of E-Commerce site" that is attracting attention.

What is an E-commerce app?

Brands and companies develop Ecommerce apps to increase sales online in the same way as their own E-Commerce sites, and users can enjoy shopping using the app's unique interface.

Difference from E-commerce site

Now that smartphones are widespread, the application usage rate is more than five times higher than the browser usage rate, and the number of contacts with users is higher than that of E-Commerce sites using browsers. Since many users are more accustomed to apps than browsers, The usage rate will increase, and many companies will increase sales opportunities by creating apps. Therefore, the demand for E-Commerce apps has also increased.

A complete guide on how to create an E-commerce app

Launching an e-commerce app is no longer a matter of reason but how to do it correctly. If your online e-commerce store wants to acquire and retain customers efficiently, you need to provide them and their users with the best user experience. However, the key to doing this is to communicate with your customers at every available touch point and give the best experience each time. Today, the most critical touch point for everyone is a seamless mobile experience.

E-commerce is considered the purchase and sale of goods and services. E-commerce applications are widely used in wholesale, retail, and manufacturing businesses. The most popular e-commerce apps

  1. Online auction
  2. E-banking
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Online marketing and purchasing
  5. finance
  6. Online publishing
  7. Retail and wholesale
  8. Book online

Several companies offer E-commerce development services to build great apps for their business. Appdid Infotech provides a wide range of E-commerce Services. We satisfy our clients by transforming their businesses with powerful solutions that meet today's needs and unlock tomorrow's opportunities..

Why Build an E-commerce App for Your Business?

Mobile E-commerce is trending.

Mobile devices continue the sales e-commerce industry. Statista says more than 67% of e-commerce sales come from mobile devices. If mobile sales continue to grow over the next few years, e-commerce sites are the safest way to gain pie share in mobile apps. Now, mobile shopping applications are growing at a 54% year-on-year rate. 

This is the highest rate compared to other app categories. Mobile sales dominate the field of e-commerce. The adoption of shopping apps is growing much faster than any other app on the market. Therefore, you can see that e-commerce applications lead to mobile commerce sales by default.

Directly to the customer's marketing channel

Today, with the help of mobile gadgets, consumers are connected to the brand 24/7. These mobile devices have also changed how we communicate with brands, collect information, and shop. Customers are increasingly shopping with mobile devices, and businesses need to integrate these devices into their marketing strategies.

This tends to improve the way consumers interact with brands. With the mobile e-commerce app, users can stay connected to the company and effectively offer discounts, offers, and coupons to their customers.

Customer loyalty

Mobile applications play an essential role in connecting brands and customers. The days when companies chose website banners, billboards, roadside banners, or e-mail marketing to focus on their customers are gone. Today, mobile e-commerce applications can save businesses by helping marketers get to know their customers by contacting them closer to them with a "finger tap."

What kind of site is an E-commerce application effective?

In the case of e-commerce sites so far, I used to visit the e-commerce site on the browser. On the other hand, the application is downloaded to the smartphone and used in the e-commerce application.

First, consider the advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce apps compared to EC sites.

Benefits of  E-commerce Apps

One of the advantages of the e-commerce app is that the icon on the home screen increases the number of times it is used, and the time it takes to use it. Frequent purchases of everyday items, consumables, apparel, etc., make it easy to buy suitable products for e-commerce apps.

In addition, the push notification function unique to the app also helps to increase the number of times the app is used. When notifying information from an e-commerce site, notification by email, such as an email newsletter, is standard. Still, in the case of a push notification, the open rate is higher than e-mail, and the frequency of using the application is high.

As for the content of push notifications, you can further increase the open rate because you can notify users of helpful information such as price cuts for your favourite products and sale information for a limited time in cooperation with the app.

Another merit is that the app is easier to operate on the smartphone. The app can be used even when offline, and the face recognition and AR (augmented reality) functions of the smartphone can be used in conjunction with the application increase.

Disadvantages of E-commerce apps

To use the e-commerce application, it is necessary to have the user download and install the application. Without good names and convenience, many users will not be able to download and take advantage of e-commerce apps.

Also, when building an EC site, one site is enough. Still, it is very costly in the case of an application because it is necessary to develop and update the application corresponding to each OS, such as Android and iOS.

In addition, in the case of native apps downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, each app store needs to be reviewed, so the procedure is more time-consuming than on the site.

Who are you creating your E-commerce app for?

It's essential to know who you are creating your mobile application and about your audience. Recognizing your target audience enhances application marketing and streamlines the development process.

What is the average age of my audience? What do they read? How do they find us? And what are their interests?

For example, B2B retailers may be more concerned about repetitive purchases and quick checkouts. On the other hand, fashion retailers may emphasize look books and markets to their audience through app store optimization. Select the appropriate target group and proceed.

List of requirements for creating E-commerce apps

Once all these processes are complete, bring your team together to create a list of your app's specific requirements. I mentioned some of the critical ideas that customers want to see in their E-Commerce apps.

  • Easy to check out
  • Multiple payment channel options
  • wish list
  • Social media integration
  • Push message
  • Custom design elements
  • Review system

Once you've created and prepared a list of requirements for your mobile E-Commerce app, proceed to the next step.